Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   Almost a week after I've dyed my hair, I was out for an errand - which wasn't much of a surprise. Yet, I suddenly had this idea to turn it into a fun one. So at around two in the morning (yes, I have this weird habit of texting my close friends at ungodly hours of the night, lol), I sent Johnrey a message, asking if he could come with me because the errand I had to run was near Bonifacio High Street (where my favorite place - FullyBooked - was situated), and so we may as well drop by there. In the morning, I received his reply that he could come with me...
   And so, it was all set!!
   All in all, I had a fun yet exhausting day, since I still had to go to choir practice in the evening. Whoever said that one should not dress up for errands, right? I chose this dress from Forever 21 - which I borrowed from my mother's closet - because it was such a hot summer day, and I wanted to be able to move around whilst still feeling the breeze. Meanwhile, I had to amp up my ante by wearing my favorite pair of boots from Stradivarius. With my eyeliner on, my muted shade of lip liner, and my sunglasses, I was ready to go! ;)
   Hope you all have a great Fashion Friday!!

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