Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   And it's finally May!!
   How time flies, doesn't it? I can still remember the first Music Monday for the summer playlist about a month ago with OK GO, kicking things off for us! Now though, we're onto the second month of the season! I decided to choose two bands to share with you today, just because I realized that if I kept doing it artist by artist - or band by band - each week, some of them wouldn't be included. And apparently, I am too in love with these bands that I cannot miss the opportunity for me to rave about them!
    So first off, I wanna get on with my short backstory...
    Remember two Fashion Friday's ago, I have created this mood board for everything that I was currently obsessed about? Apparently, the Saint Laurent 2014 Autumn/Winter Campaign was one of them. So while I was watching the whole show, I heard this incredible twenty-minute version of a song that was so perfect for the whole look and vibe, that I immediately became - yes, pun intended - obsessed! I searched for it, of course, and I found out that it was by a band called Cherry Glazerr. 
   They're a three-piece band from Los Angeles, California, and the band's name was taken from NPR's Chery Glaser. I also found out the original version of the song from the Saint Laurent show, and it was the single "Had Ten Dollaz" which has been my top favorite ever since! My other favorite song was from Saint Laurent's "Dance" campaign, and it was "Trick Or Treat Dancefloor." So, it was no question that I had to get their debut album, "Haxel Princess" too! It was released earlier this year.

   The second band for today's post, is also something I heard from Saint Laurent. This time however, it was from this year's Fall Ready-To-Wear fashion, last March! I found out that it was called, "Pretty Boy" by an all-girl garage punk trio from Copenhagen, Denmark - The Felines. Needless to say, I loved the funky, '70s vibe of it, that I knew I had to get their album, which was titled as "Want" and it was released last 2013! I haven't gotten my hands on their EP yet, but surely, I will soon!
   For now, I am currently obsessed with this, and so as always, I've managed to put all my favorites below, including my other favorite, "Jack & Coke." If you're having such a hectic day and wanted some time to re-energize with some funky music to help keep you going through the day - under this scorching heat of summer, or under the AC, whatever - both of these bands will surely brighten your mood. ;)

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