Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   I cannot believe that this is the second to the last for the Summer Playlist!! It's nearly the end of May, and thank God that I've managed to schedule the artists just so they would all fit for summer! And so today, I've got The Kooks' new album to feature for you guys!!
   Perhaps you didn't know, but yes, I've always been a fan of The Kooks. Ever since I've heard their song, "Always Where I Need To Be" from their second album back in 2008 titled, "Konk" I was officially hooked! And honestly, I just realized that I really was a pretty decent fan of them since I did listen to their third "Junk of the Heart," and now, to their latest album that was released last September, "Listen." 
   They're a British band from Brighton, East Sussex, and their songs are catchy as hell! I am absolutely in love with their latest album at the moment, and I actually only knew that they had a new one out because I heard "Bad Habit" on season six, episode two of The Vampire Diaries! So as always, I was more than ecstatic to get it immediately to check it out, and the rest, as you've already known, was history since I've managed to put all my favorites below!
   Go on and have at it! Feel the good vibes as you go on your last hurrah before the summer ends, and make sure to get The Kooks' new album on iTunes while you're at it by the beach! ;)

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