Profound Kinship - How Soon Is Now?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Profound Kinship

   I've had another observation...
   A revelation, if you will.
   I've realized how shallow and fickle relationships can be. And this can be from a more generalized point of view, considering this is not only applicable for romantic or intimate relationships, this can also mean friendships, familial relationships - or anything that constitutes such between human interactions. It was one realization that made me feel this grave disappointment, perhaps even a sort of disconnect, and I can't help but wonder how we get to go by, knowing how meaningless it had all become.
   Through the years, we experience the bond - the ties that connect us for us to become closer. We know deeply about each other, and yet each fact were only to be taken for granted, so much so that one day the so-called "bond" dissipates and fades until it's finally gone into oblivion. We then carry the very question how this have all come to an end, but it's such a puzzling one that we often cannot even answer it until we go on upon our daily lives, completely and deliberately sweeping it off under the rug with the consideration that "people come and go" is as mundane as the air we breathe. Sometimes it is okay, since change is indeed inevitable, and we grow into different people that our shared interests change until we find others who seemingly carry our newfound interests or common bonds better. Yet, years along such bond no longer even matter any more, along with this precious and rare treasure of "loyalty." And in this day and age of us millennials that has technology as a daily part of our lives, it does not help with the social situation that helps develop this bond that we are all after. It seems as though there is this wall, that even if we are out for a day of fun with friends, at the end of the day, we feel the disconnect especially when we are really in need.
   Through this observation, I've discovered within the confines of myself how I yearned for something deeper - with my friends and my family (and probably along with my non-existent love life) - for something more profound other than getting together or "hanging out" just for the sake of what one pertains to "fun." I do genuinely want to know more, get to know people more intrinsically as they allow me to. I've realized that I no longer want something rather shallow in a way, considering how I want to have meaningful conversations wherein we get to treasure each other's thoughts and emotions and accept them as they are. I also do not want something that is fickle, as if I am always unsure of where I stand and triggers my social anxiety through the roof. And needless to say, I want to have both - fun and a profound relationship with people, who allow me to become part of their lives, where I am treasured for my own being and vice versa, and not treated as a mere accessory - to be put on and put off. Yet, I also want to have an insane amount of a good time filled with hearty laughs and joys.
   Why can't I have both, right?
   Have us millennials turned into the technologies that we hold and constantly stuff our noses into, minding other people's lives of which they frequently shared on social media, and yet we neglect the people - the special ones in our lives who we have profound relationships with and should treasure most of the time?
   I know no one is perfect, and we take everything for granted in our lives one way or another. But it also wouldn't hurt to pay attention every once in a while, and remember to appreciate the real people who love us and the ones we love. We have a course of action to do so, and for us to act upon it is solely our choice. Will we choose to sweep it under the rug and let disappointment engulf us, or will it be the other way around?
   I hope it's the latter, because certainly enough, we all need it nowadays...

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