Small Miracle - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Small Miracle

   They happen every day, do you not agree?
   The other night, I encountered one that was way long overdue. But I guess, the timing couldn't be any more perfect. As I professed my own sheer defiance over my acceptance with the circumstances that may not have been destined for me, and over the people who have disregarded my passions as irrelevant, there was this sudden shift that took place and it left me with this giddy feeling inside of me that I simply cannot shake off. With that said, it was the perfect opportunity to write about it for my blog.
    And so, I am keeping this short since I prefer not to go on and ramble about this. I just want it to be somehow "recorded" into this online journal, and so here I am doing just that. Apparently, that's how happy this simplicity left me, and that's just amazing, really.
   A few weeks ago, there was this one aspect that I was finally more than willing to take on. It was my first step onto pushing on with my breakthrough, so I was more than willing to take a risk considering how one of the most important people in my life had finally given me a go-signal - the very signal that I've waited for and had become frustrated of for so long! Yet, two weeks had passed, I still haven't heard from them and I felt this doubt again within me for a moment or two. I brushed that off as irrelevant, and so it only took a short amount of time before I was ready to discover other options that may work better for me. I then mentioned this to that said one of the most important people in my life, and again, I got the go-signal - which was a miracle in itself that I didn't really know how to react.
   Well... Of course, I knew how to react. I do have that nonchalant exterior after all, and that was what I conveyed exactly whilst I was still in that conversation. Deep inside, however, I practically lost my shit and my heart skipped a beat... But no big deal. Lol. I was really surprised though, because I never really thought that this would happen, and I've already accepted the fact that I have to stop living in other people's opinions - no matter how important they are in my life. Of course, in other situations this could be disregarded, and I do believe that by now you've already got this whole concept of what I'm trying to say, even if I get a little vague about it (It's just too personal, although the other thing is that I don't want to spoil it. I will tell you once it finally happens for real).
   I guess everything's finally - and ever so slowly - falling into place that's just beyond what I expected. Lost are those days when I yearned so much for the things that I absolutely desired for to happen, and those days when I was too scared to get out of my comfort zone, dreading some of the things in my life that was out of my control...
   I am grateful for this small yet incredibly humongous miracle.

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