Fashion Friday!! - Brown Smokey Eyes (Makeup Tutorial)

   Here we are on another Fashion Friday!!
   I am actually very excited for today's post, because today I am here to finally reveal to you guys that I've collaborated a makeup tutorial with my dear friend, Johnrey! As you already know, ever since we've met about two years ago, we've always wanted to do a makeup tutorial. It was actually one of our many plans along with making a cover video wherein you see us singing together - which we already did, by the way!
   Anyway, we've managed to make two videos. The first one would be posted today, and that is Johnrey's signature brown smokey eyes! Why his signature, you ask? Well, it's because he always does this kind of makeup on himself. And so, to show you all how he does it, we did this video wherein I got to be his model! We even got down to the very basics on how he does it, and we also give you some tips and tricks that we learned along the way! So yeah, basically this is like makeup 101 for all you out there who do not have any clue how to do your makeup, or even for those who have a difficult time doing the smokey eyes! The second one however, will be posted next week, and that's where I'll show you how to do my signature dark smokey eyes for night time!

   We hope that this tutorial will be helpful to you! Yes, it may sound a bit complicated at some point or another, but I am certain that you will be able to achieve this! Remember that imitation is key! And of course, we hope you love this and that you do not forget to tune in next week for my tutorial! ;)
   Have a stylish day! ;)

Keep up with Johnrey below!! ;)
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