Fashion Friday!! - Dark Smokey Eyes (Makeup Tutorial)

   And we're finally here for another Fashion Friday!!
   Now last week, I've revealed to you that I've collaborated a makeup tutorial with my dear Johnrey. He showed you guys how to do his signature brown smokey eyes, and we even got down to the very basics on how he did it! We also showed you tips and tricks on what we've learned along the way. This week however, as I've promised, I am finally going to show you how to do my signature dark smokey eyes!

   If you've been following this blog for a while now (or know me personally), you guys would've known how much I love doing the really dark smokey eyes. I've gone through this phase over the years where I do it whenever I've had the chance to - especially on special occasions. And now, I've finally managed to allot some time to actually do a tutorial! The amusing part about this though, is that it's actually my first time to do a tutorial on someone, and I had to do Johnrey's face routine before I got down with the eyes. Not only that of course, but the fact that you might think that I've actually screwed up with the really pigmented concealer (and I did, lol), or the fact that I seemed to have done the eyes a bit carelessly - which was the point by the way, since the key to smokey eyes is that it doesn't actually have to be really perfect. But I must say that the ending result is what counts, and yeah, that's really how I do it! ;)

   So yes, feel free to be relieved. If you do happen to screw your eye makeup up, you can simply blend it! Just blend, blend, blend! And remember that imitation is the other key to this tutorial! I can only hope that this will be helpful to you, and if some parts happen to sound complicated or whatever, I am certain that you will be able to achieve this as well.
   I would like to thank Johnrey for collaborating with me! I would also like to thank you guys for watching these, and for tuning in as we end this two-part tutorials this week! As much as all of you goes, I do look forward for the next... A little spoiler though, I've been getting requests on how I do my signature eyeliner, so that may or may not come up in the next coming weeks. ;)
   Have a great day, and happy Fashion Friday!! ;)

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P.S. If you're having problems viewing the video, click here for the external link. ;)

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