Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   The month of May had been quite eventful.
   I had another wedding to attend to. The only thing different however was that it was my choirmate's (Still do not know whether this is considered to be a real word... Nevertheless, I'm using it, lol ;P) wedding, and we've practiced songs for that said magical day for a few months! It was nice that we - my third family and I - all got dressed up for this joyous occasion, and to be able to witness this was truly an honor!
   The theme of the wedding was red and black, and so we all donned our LBDs with red accents. I decided to have red nails (my favorite red shade is "Vamp" from Bobbie), and red lipstick (I used L'Oreal's Color Riche Intense lipstick in "377 Perfect Red" on top of my NICHIDO lip liner in "LP02 Red Berry") as my accents, considering how I do not even have any red accessories such as bags or shoes. So I went for all black then. For my shoes, I decided that my favorite Forever 21 minimal high-heeled sandals were perfect for the dress, since it gave me more height and it gave the whole outfit a bit of an oomph. I also decided to use again my matte beaded clutch bag, because I am too in love with it, and of course to give my outfit a different texture!

   All in all, it was a fun night. I had an amazing time with my famille, as always, and I also had some fun times with my girls, Nicole and Kim! Oh and I never knew I could run in those shoes until that night. I always knew that they were a killer, but for some reason, my feet didn't die in the process - which was a miracle in itself. Also, if you seem to wonder why I would even attempt to run in them, needless to say, the three of us had to hide and run from this bachelorette game that went on during the reception! Lol. ;P
   Hope you all have a wonderful Fashion Friday!! ;)

Photo Credit: Nicole Pugeda

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