Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   Ending this month's Fashion Friday with another outfit post!!
   Remember a few Music Mondays ago when I was absent because I was out for a foodtrip with Johnrey? Yes, well... Apparently, this was what I wore that day. I know, it wasn't all too "appropriate" for a foodtrip, but what was exactly? Either way, he wanted us to do our OOTDs, and basically, this was what I felt like wearing. I missed bringing out my dark side and my favorite The Ramones muscle shirt - which I haven't worn for a while - with a hint of a smokey eye (even if it was just smudged eyeliner and layers of mascara, but yes, this was my usual look before too).

   After this, I've missed listening to The Ramones, so I've managed to make a playlist of all my favorites from them. It wasn't a surprise then that I had to choose one of my favorites, "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down" as a caption for my post on Instagram. ;P
   For a Monday night out, this was what was appropriate to wear... Or more specifically, for my mood.
   I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night tonight! TGIF!! ;)

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