Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   The last for our Summer Playlist!
   Can you believe it? I sure can't, really. It's the first of June, and it's as if the month of May just passed by like a sweltering hot air balloon. Nevertheless, I had a fun month, which was surprising in a way. Yet, I am looking forward to what June brings!
   First things first however, let's proceed to today's Music Monday!! I've chosen Panama - a band from Sydney, Australia - and they released their EP called, "Always EP" just last year. Unfortunately, I was only able to discover them a few months ago. And hearing their song "Destroyer" on the second season, episode eight, of The Originals made me fall in love with it even more! It was my top favorite from the EP, but I discovered when I went through it deeper, they're all my favorite! I simply couldn't decide! Oh and the song "Always" may also be familiar to you if you happen to watch this show on E! called, "The Royals." In the pilot episode, this song was played... And damn, it was epic!
   So yes, check out the EP below! It'll surely tickle your musical taste buds, that it'll stick with you well beyond this ending of Music Monday's Summer Playlist! Give Panama some love while you're at it by following them on Twitter, Soundcloud, and yes, "like" them on Facebook, too! As always, you can get their EP on iTunes. ;)
   I hope you all loved it and had a wonderful summer! Also, don't forget to tune back in next week when we'll finally get back into the normal routine!! See you then, lovelies. ;)

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