Music Monday!!

   Today's feature is actually one of my favorites!
   I didn't manage to include them on my summer playlist, because somehow it didn't match with the mood that I was going for, but that did not make me love their songs any less! Have I piqued your interests already? I hope so, but then again, I haven't said anything that's that interesting yet. ;P
   Anyway, so here's the back story. I was watching this new show on E! and it's called, The Royals. In the fifth episode that was titled, "Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon," there was this annual masquerade ball and it just so happened that the band there was Slow Club - which was why they played their songs off from their latest album, "Complete Surrender" that was released last July. There was no surprise whatsoever that I fell in love with their new album, due to the beautiful scenes that took place in the show, and of course, the characters that were in them!
   So I got their album, almost immediately after I've seen that episode, and it was true that what I felt with the album was definitely a complete surrender (pun intended), as I felt the soul in it! Now, I've heard of their songs from their first album but I wasn't much of a fan of them then... Until no! So below, as always, I've combined their songs into a playlist and I've arranged them in the order of my favorites! My top favorite would be "The Queen's Nose" because the emotion that I felt through the end was heart-wrenching, yet it was absolutely beautiful that I was engulfed into the harmonies and Rebecca Taylor's powerful vocals especially during the part where she sings, "I can't go on loving these songs," I ended up a mess! Unfortunately however, I couldn't find any of the original studio versions anywhere to show you guys, but I've got the live one. 
   You definitely have to get their album to feel the same feels I had! Get it on iTunes, and for now, if you still do not happen to be convinced, have at it below! 

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