Music Monday!!

   It's the last one for this month!
   I cannot believe that in a matter of a few days, July will finally fall upon us. Not that I'm excited or anything, it's just amazing how time flies...
   Anyway, for today's Music Monday!! I've decided to post one of my favorite bands from my current playlist and they're called Black English - formerly known by the name NO. I heard them on this show from E! which was The Royals yet again, and it was from the pilot episode called "Sweet, Not Lasting." During the ending of the episode, their song "Leave The Door Wide Open" played, and I knew then and there that not only was I falling in love with the show, but also with the song that I was hearing. So it was not a surprise that I immediately had to know what it was, and that was when I stumbled upon their debut album, "El Prado" that was on Soundcloud!
   The rest was clearly history now that they've been on my playlist for a few months, and I must say that I am too far gone with them to simply stop loving them. In fact, I do believe that they've ended up on my all-time favorites! So yes, do check them out below where I've compiled my favorites from their album in a playlist - as you've already known. And if you're wondering where you can get it then where else? iTunes, right? ;)

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