Fashion Friday!! - Everyday Makeup

   I have to say that I am quite surprised at how often I'm posting for Fashion Fridays lately, that I consider them as a miracle! Nevertheless, I am here to deliver my promise from the previous week's post, and I'm gonna show you how I do my everyday makeup! 
   It's quite strange that I did this, considering how my makeup routine is quite simple - except for the slightly complex winged eyeliner that one needs of some getting used to. And I also have to say that contrary to popular belief (or as I'd like to think so, considering how I've gotten comments about this), I do not happen to pile as much makeup on (at least, I think so, lol) since I do happen to like for my skin to be able to breathe. Although, I still need some coverage along the way. Again, except for the eyeliner, which does happen to extract everyone's eyes from my under-eye circles due to my fucked up bodyclock. 
   Obviously, I consider that as one of the perks of my ultra-thick eyeliner.
   Anyway, as I've mentioned last week, I took both of these videos in one take, and apparently divided them up, so I slightly skipped the eyeliner part. If you haven't seen my tutorial on it, please refer to my previous post. And I hope that you happen to love this week's video, and probably pick up a few tips and tricks along the way! 
   Have a great Friday! ;)

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