Fashion Friday!! - Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

   And here we are on another Fashion Friday!!
   I am definitely excited for this week, because as you already know, I am finally delivering my promise to all of you by making a tutorial for my winged eyeliner! Now I know that eyeliners can get very tricky, especially when using liquid - which as you already know, is what I always use - but with practice, I am certain that you will get the hang of it!

   Take it from me who recently just purchased a gel liner (I'll make a review soon), and I had a difficult time using it with the brush, especially with my winged eyeliner look, because I was used to using my favorite liquid liner! I am happy to say now, however, that I finally got used to it and even discovered that my method of applying with liquid would be different from applying the gel. So yes, all it takes is a bit of patience, a steady yet light hand, experimentation, and some practice! Then, you'll also be able to rock this look whenever you want! Apparently, it happens to be my everyday look, too! Oh, and yes, I will post a video on how I do my everyday makeup, so definitely stay tuned for that!
   I hope that this tutorial will be very helpful to you guys, and that you enjoyed watching this - especially now that I've granted your requests!!
   Happy Fashion Friday!!

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