Music Monday!!

   Apologies for my absence last week... I figured that I should take a break or something, in which I did, apparently. Nevertheless, as always, I'm back now with my newly updated playlist that was done just so I would be able to post something that I think would definitely interest you guys. Then again, when I did look at my then-rotting playlist, I realized that I forgot that I've got another favorite there that I haven't even shared yet!
   So for this week, that's just what I'm gonna do! I chose this punk rock band from Washington, D.C., and they're called Ex Hex. They released their debut album "Rips" last October, and when I discovered them through this really cool magazine that featured them, there was no doubt that I immediately fell in love. Why, you ask, since that's all I seem to say whenever I feature something during Music Mondays? Well, it's because they remind me a lot of The Ramones, but in an all-girl band kind of way, mixed in with a bit of The Vaccines' songs from their first album, too. I love how raunchy yet incredibly catchy their songs are! Plus, they can definitely rock it out through the really cool guitar riffs, too!
   It's definitely rock n' roll, baby!
   And they're not one to be easily ignored! I actually love most of the songs on the album, and so below, I am sharing with you just that in a playlist - as I always do! Otherwise, if you do happen to want to hear the whole thing - since this only misses one song - and love them all at the same time, then I do recommend to get the album! Where else, than iTunes right?
   I hope some of these good stuff relieve your hella' stressful Monday! ;)

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