Music Monday!!

   I remember blogging about my then and still favorite from Passion Pit, and of course, that was "Constant Conversations." Whenever I hear it, I still continue to sing along (if you follow me on Snapchat, then you would've seen it, lol ;P), taking me back to those days of 2012. In fact, whenever I try to remember those days, I always seem to envision myself on the ride home from school while I listened to this song.
   Now that they've just released their third album, "Kindred" last April, I definitely have new songs to nod my head unto while I'm running errands. Mind you, they're actually energizers, and they help send out good vibes all the way! I do have to say that this album would be my favorite from the three, and I couldn't get enough! When it plays from my current playlist, I find myself absentmindedly singing along as well! This makes me want to go to their concert this coming August, but then again, we'll see...
   Anyway, below I've managed to compile my favorites from the album! And if you haven't seem to have heard them yet (which would be strange since it's out on radios right now), or you just can't get enough like I am, then you can always get their album on iTunes. ;)

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