Music Monday!!

    Final week of July!
   Should I even mention how time flies, when it's too obvious already? ;) Either way, it still baffles me from time to time, especially when the weeks went by with a big blur. And to think that I was dreading the approach to this month, now the next will be upon us in no time!
   Anyway, I was left quite puzzled as to what I was going to post this week. I glanced at my current playlist and felt like there was nothing I wanted to post. Needless to stay, I'm definitely stuck in a rut, which was quite strange considering how I've mentioned that I just updated my playlist. Also, most of what's on my playlist, I was already able to post.
   That was when I've realized that I've got the new Florence + The Machine album, "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful," there. At first, I was reluctant to post it since I couldn't seem to decide what were my favorites yet. Not that everything on the album is my favorite, it's just that, but I seem to have different sentiment on it than the first two albums. But then, it was foolish of me, because I deeply love Florence + The Machine, that I knew that I couldn't miss the opportunity to blog about them - favorite or no favorite.
   At some point or another, I seem to be lying with myself to say that I don't have any favorites. I find myself singing along to "Hiding," "What Kind of Man," "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful," "Third Eye," "Ship To Wreck,"  and "Mother." So that obviously settles my dilemma on which to choose! Yet, I am willing to share with you that I do happen to like most of them, that's why I simply couldn't! Plus, when the marvelous Florence Welch broke out the news of their third album, I was more than ecstatic! I've missed them for these past few years, and I've got so much love in my heart for them.
   The first and last time that I've featured them on Music Monday was last 2013 when I was having this moment of their song - also one of my favorites from the second album, "Ceremonials" - which was, "Never Let Me Go."  If you've been following this blog since then, you would've known that I am a huge fan of them since the very beginning - which takes us back to 2008! So, I've decided to also share my favorites from their first and second albums, along with the third album below in their respective orders!
   Unfortunately however, I cannot seem to find some of the songs' studio versions or even some of the songs from the latest album posted anywhere yet (such as the song "Third Eye," "Queen Of Peace," and "Various Storms & Saints), although if you happen to be enchanted with Florence Welch's powerful and magnificent voice, then go ahead and get it on iTunes. Enjoy! ;)

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