The Streak is Over | Part 1

   When the month finally made its first mark, I was a bit surprised at how time flew by. For all I knew, it was still the beginning of 2015, and I definitely remember meeting the New Year with my friend Johnrey as we drank some sweet wine. But apparently, it wasn't. There was this moment of anxious dread, really, that settled into my stomach, and that was because in a matter of a few days, my birthday will finally come.
   As I've told you before, I'm not exactly all too much of a fan of that day (which was last July 05). Every year, I wish for it to be skipped and moved on to another day, but obviously that was impossible. Another thing was that I was turning twenty this year. Not that I feel old or anyhing, but that I figured, I actually wanted to celebrate this turning point with my dearest friends and family. How? I had no idea yet, but during the start of that week, my mum called and asked me what I wanted to do, and that was when I started to think about it.
   So I came up with this idea that since my birthday was falling on a Sunday, I may as well celebrate the whole weekend, considering how that Saturday evening, I have a meeting with the choir. I knew that that was my chance. I could have lunch with my dearest friends, spend the afternoon with them, and then head onto that choir meeting, bearing some pizzas for everyone. It was simple, yet tasteful, because of course, I would want to celebrate with pizza! So I called unto my friends told them we should have lunch that Saturday, but most of them weren't available. I didn't exactly want to move it on a Monday, since the ratio of the available people weren't entirely different at all. That was until Dane sent me a message on Twitter, asking for my schedule that day. I told her that I was only available during the morning and half of the afternoon. She then told me that she wanted to take me to the National Museum as part of her birthday gift to me. And basically, we've already made plans around May to go there but we weren't able to go, since y'know, plans happen to change. I knew that that was a very interesting offer, and what could I say? I had to take that chance to finally go!
   So it was settled - as if it was already carved into stone in an unspoken manner - that my Saturday was completely booked. I was going to go to the National Museum with Dane and Shinji, since they were the only ones available, and then I'm going to head back to go to the meeting and mass with the choir, bearing pizzas. Yet, as much as possible, since it was going to be on a Sunday, I only wanted to celebrate with my family here at home, and probably have dinner out or something.

On the way to the National Museum. :D (L-R: Me, Shinji, and Dane)
   The weekend finally came, and I woke up early that Saturday morning. I was going to meet Dane and Shinji at nine, and so I knew that I had to get ready early (it takes me a while, makeup obviously ;P). But it wasn't until around ten when we met each other, since Dane woke up late. And me? Well, I had a quick errand to run before I had to go there. Plus, it was raining, that we feared that we might be stranded there the whole day. I however, was ready to push on. At that point, I didn't care whether it may rain endlessly the whole day and the streets might get flooded or something. I simply had an optimistic outlook on it (all whilst praying to dear God that it wouldn't). So we left and headed to Manila, with the heavy rain in tow, and arrived at the National Museum around eleven AM.

   When we came in, I was very excited. We had to register and pay the entrance fee, of course, and leave our bags (taking our wallets and phones along with us) at the counter. That was when we proceeded into the main hall, where this "Diwata" (Fairy) statue greeted us. It was serene and beautiful that I couldn't help but stare at it for a moment, or even before we proceeded to turn behind that wall. Then, that was where we found Juan Luna's great "Spoliarium" (not "Spolarum," mind you). It was this huge oil painting, taking up most space of the wall. It was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time, considering how a huge piece of history sat right in front of us. When you turn from Spoliarium however, another gigantic wall painting greets you...

After that, we headed to other galleries within the building. It wasn't a surprise how it smelled like must, but it was definitely part of the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed those small details that made me feel the historic events that transpired with the pieces. Although, it was a bit creepy once we got to the galleries where they had sculptures, et al. I mean, they were great to look at in pictures, but when I got there and I had to take them all in, I was amazed yet creeped out all at the same time. We then took a considerable amount of time - around two hours - to roam around and admire the pieces we saw to relish Filipino artistry.

"Portrait of Mrs. Banks" by Fernando Amorsolo
"Portrait of Francis Burton Harrison" by Fernando Amorsolo
"Portrait of Dr. Jose Rizal" by Isabelo L. Tampino
"Rizal the Reformist" by Martino A. Abellana

Admiring Felix Hidalgo's masterpiece, "Don Luis Perez Dasmarinas."
Shinji, looking at the sculptures.
"Venus" by Graciano T. Nepomuceno
"Grecian Beauty" by Vidal A. Tampinco

Part of the "Memorabilia of Emilio 'Abe' Aguilar Cruz"
"Moonlight Scene at San Pascual, Hagonoy, Bulacan" by Romulo Galicano
Dane and I, taking a break...

"Character in Black" by Alfredo Liongoren
    All the roaming though, made us hungry. Once we checked the time, it was already around one-thirty, and so - since I was chasing time, as well - we finally decided to leave, considering how we've managed to see it all already (except for the fact that we didn't have enough time to go to the other building for the artifacts, but perhaps next time). We then took one last photo outside of the museum, where we saw how it was no longer raining (YES), before we headed back to Taft to get something to munch on. Dane and I were craving for a burrito at Mexicalli, but then Shinji couldn't come with us to Makati since he had other plans for the day. So we decided to go to Zark's, where he ate a full meal, and Dane and I only ate some nachos.

T'was definitely windy outside...
Nachos Galore from Zark's. 
   After our late lunch, we parted ways with Shinji since he was heading to TriNoma. Dane and I then headed to Makati to get some burritos at Mexicalli. We weren't able to take a photo there because apparently, we experienced food coma by then. Plus, we finally headed home - or at least she did afterwards. I however, headed over to my choir practice. I was a bit late, but t'was alright. I was supposed to get there by five, but apparently, there was traffic, so I got there around five-thirty.
   Around ten minutes when I got there, it immediately started to rain! Thank God I was already there, since I didn't have an umbrella. That morning when it was drizzling, I had to wear a bonnet - which I don't wear, by the way - but I had to improvise.
   Anyway, we had a little practice before the mass started at seven PM. Once it was finished, we headed to our choirmate's flat, and that was when we finally ordered some pizzas! I then made them watch The DUFF, and we had a movie-night-slash-pizza-party! It wasn't until around ten in the evening when the movie was finished, as well as the pizzas, that we finally decided to call it a night!

(L-R - TOP: Me, Ate Khaye, Ate Chelly, Ate Len, Keno;
BOTTOM: Nicole, Ate Grace, Kuya Mac, Mae, Kuya Nico, & Kim)
   So there goes my Saturday! I was exhausted when I got home, but I had an incredible time! I was absolutely grateful that everything went well - and according to plan that day, whilst I was able to celebrate with the people I love! By then, I wanted to state how the streak was already over, but apparently, I still had to wait until my birthday made its mark. So that night, I went to sleep, regaining strength for the day that lies ahead...
  Tune in for the second part of this post, which will be posted tomorrow! ;)

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