The Streak Is Over | Part 2

   And here we go with the second part!! If you haven't happened to see the first part, click here.
   So Sunday came, and it was officially my birthday (July 05). I was awoken by a call from my mother before lunch, saying I had to come and fetch her at this condo where she and her friend was staying at, since I had to help her with some left-over food that she was bringing home. So I got up and got ready, and made my way to hail a cab and fetched her. It was raining that day, and it was cold so I got to wear my favorite poncho blanket. ;P
   Anyway, around twelve-thirty, I was back home, and then I finally ordered some food. The plan was that I was going to have lunch with the family so that mum and I could go out for dinner. But then, the food didn't come until three in the afternoon, my family members weren't here yet due to the rain, and basically, along with the weather, this left me feeling a bit too lazy to go out. The only reason why I did, was because I wanted to have some Lengua Salpicao from Sentro 1771, which was definitely my favorite. But then, I figured I could just order some from Conti's, to be enjoyed here at home. And so I did! We didn't have to go out then.
   So that afternoon, I prepped myself - y'know, hair and makeup et al - while I waited for them to arrive. It wasn't until five-thirty that my sister and her partner arrived along with my nephew, and soon, the others began to arrive now as well. Conti's didn't arrive until seven, and we were already eating dinner by then, which was perfect, because when it was served on the table, we immediately dug in. Afterwards, they began to set up the karaoke, and they sang songs. I joined along while I waited for Johnrey, who arrived around eight-thirty or nine.

L-R: Me, my sister - Cheff, and my cousin - Pai
L-R: My aunt Lalay, my mum, Cheff, and Tita Gigi
   When he did arrive, I accompanied him while he had dinner, and I made him taste the Lengua, of course! That was when everyone finally began to sing me a happy Birthday, while my favorite Toblerone Overload cheesecake from Cake2Go was right in front of me. I blew the candle, without even making a wish, and Johnrey caught it all on video. Of course, we all had some after that, and it was AH-mazing! I was definitely in cake heaven!
   We then sang more karaoke, before finally settling into watching The DUFF again (I know, and I've already watched it a couple of times before that). It wasn't until at one in the morning that we all called it a night, considering how they all had jobs (except J, since that's his day off) the next day. I was definitely exhausted by then, of course, but I was very grateful to have been surrounded with good energy.

With my cutie little nephew

My Toblerone Cheesecake. ♥ 
   Needless to say, I had an awesome time. It was simple, yet tasteful - both literally and figuratively - and I was glad to have been with the people and the food that I love! Everything went really well, and it was exactly how I wanted it to be. Intimate yet adventurous, and not to mention, very much satiated with all the delicious food! I couldn't be any more grateful, especially because I don't exactly remember being this delighted in any of my previous birthdays at all! I was calm during the day and not filled with anxiety or dread, and it was great! I am also grateful for the people who allotted their time to spend the day with me! You guys are the best! ;)
   And so apparently, now I can definitely claim that the streak is officially over!
   What "streak" that seems to resemble The Undertaker's, am I taking about? Well, I seemed to have called my strings of unfortunate disappointments that happen during my birthdays just that, while I was contemplating about it a few weeks before. Then it just caught on with me, so I kept calling it that way. Anyway, it's over now - or at least, I hope so - considering the fact that we've just opened into a new decade, and I feel quite hopeful that it finally gets better...
   Here's to optimism, love, happiness, and more success!

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