"Do You Have A Blog?"

That's the question I frequently get asked once I express my deep interest (and passion) for writing. To tell you the truth, it does baffle me from time to time, not only because I don't know what to answer - which varies depending on my mood and who was asking, whether I should state an affirmation or an outright lie with a negation - but also because I find that not only can blogging fulfill such craving and means for an aspiring writer to write. There are other mediums of course, such as creating essays, articles, short stories, novels, and yes, even to Fan Fictions. And yet, that was the question I always seem to get. No "Do you write articles?" or a "Oh are you trying to write a novel?" Nope. Just a "So you have a blog?" as if it was what everyone who's passionate about this craft should do.
  I know, I know. By now, if we were simply having this conversation - a tête-a-tête, so to speak - while we were out for lunch, you or anyone for that matter, would simply point out that the reason why I get asked that is because in this day and age, us millennials have focused on everything digital. A blog nowadays would either make you a success, or would help take you there as a baby step - considering it as a means for practice. But I don't know, there is that small detail that I find discerning. I mean, if I didn't jump into the bandwagon of this whole blogging thing, I would find myself focusing on another medium (even if I find myself juggling them all along simultaneously, since now we can of course, multi-task). And I couldn't help but wonder, whether if one's blog would have any relevance upon such an endeavor, like a job. Perhaps it does and it will be, but I also can't help but wonder, does the blog's success would have a factor in it as well? What if it isn't successful? What if all people have this generalization that everyone has blogs nowadays, and therefore, would only leave this detail as a minor factor? That it will only be considered as nothing but mundane?
   Another confession I have to make - if you happen to wonder why I've relayed to you that my answer depends on the person who asks that question - is the fact that I feel that this blog is so dear to my heart, I simply do not want anyone and everyone that I know to learn about it. I know that seems ridiculous, especially when this blog is here for all to see, but somehow, this is still a personal journal for me, albeit online. I do happen to write personal posts and the things that I am also deeply passionate about here, and it makes me feel strange to discover when a friend of mine or a family member, happens to read it. It also feels strange, really, when they mention it to me, and I don't know what or how to react to it. Flattered? Sure. A bit diffident? Most definitely. I guess it basically comes from the fear that I may or may not have sounded or looked like an idiot.
  So there it is. It's finally out there. I have this ridiculous yet strange sentiment over my blog. I mean, yes, I do like to share and everything, et al, but it's still quite unnerving when I learn that a person I know reads it. It isn't because I'm not proud of it, or the fact that I don't want this to excel. Not at all. Perhaps it's just because I love it too much that I still want to treasure it as it is - my personal blog. And somehow, whether this would be relevant in other more significant endeavors that could be contributed as a key factor to one's job, or whether it would be considered as mundane as the technologies we all fawn over, the point I was trying to make (and had failed to do so, earlier) is that I couldn't care any less. I still want to write. So whatever it is I have to - whatever medium I'll happen to choose, then I'll do it.
   And therefore, in my perspective, the question(or its very essence) was and is indubitably invalid.

My favorite quote from the movie, "Not Another Happy Ending."

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