Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   Took me a month before I finally got around to post this, but that's because a few other things got in the way that were already scheduled. Anyway, I wore this particular outfit on the day before my birthday (which I've already posted about here and here) when I visited The National Museum with my friends, Dane and Shinji.
   I've been in love with this high-neck halter crop top for a while now, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to wear it more often. And so, when my mother found these pair of faded ripped jeans since she bought one for herself - and I've been looking for the perfect one in a long time - I ended up loving it, so she bought me one (twinsies, lol ;P), and found myself choosing this particular top to go along with it. To prepare myself for the long day ahead, and for the rain that might fall upon us that day, I chose my favorite Stradivarius boots and folded the ends of my jeans just so I could show that they're high-cut.
   It was definitely the perfect mixture of rugged and yet still put together, considering the top's high-neck and my loose ripped jeans. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't wear this particular outfit again when I feel like it, because apparently, I might. I'm planning to get a few more of these tops, in different fabrics - not only because they are on trend nowadays - but because I've always loved halter high-necks in general! Then for my makeup, I decided to opt for some subtle brown smokey eye and my winged eyeliner.
Selfie. lol 

   Needless to say, I was more than ready to go embark on our adventure that day! And as you guys already know, I had a blast! Shout out to Shinji for taking these photos (except for my selfie of course, lol)! That pose on the silhouette photo was a joke that he took seriously, but it was definitely a marvelous shot, so thanks Shinj! 
   I hope you guys had a wonderful Fashion Friday, and indeed, TGIF!!! 

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