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   I raved about Juveniles for years now, that it did not come as a surprise that when I saw that they've collaborated on a song with the French producer Yuksek called "Partyfine" for the second volume of his label of the same name, that was released last July, I was more than delighted about it. So much so that I've finally got the chance to get a hold of the first volume (which I've already managed to post the EP last year) and the second! I guess, it's not a surprise that both albums are actually on my current playlist, to be enjoyed with much enthusiasm by yours truly, huh? ;P
   If you happen to wonder, Partyfine is a label founded by the French producer, Yuksek. He collaborated songs for some of the artists or bands that he had produced for, and now he released a compilation in albums under the same name, indicating each edition by volumes. Now as I've already mentioned above, the second edition was released last July 10, and hearing it made me feel like I was transcending time! Both of the albums gave off different variations of emotion, and I was more than happy to be along the ride! There was also the essence of nostalgia without crossing off as boring, since they still all sound so new! I am just too in love with that certain detail because not only am I fascinated with songs from the past, but I also want to move forward to create new memories - just as everyone else, I assume - and these songs will definitely be a part of them! 
   Kudos to you, Yuksek. Both albums are terrific, and I couldn't get enough of them! Now, I also want to listen to the other artists (other than Juveniles and Clarens, of course, since I've got so much love for them) that were part of these, and that's just awesome!
   So if you're sort of in a funk nowadays, perhaps a little of some synth would help you out! Get the Partyfine Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on iTunes now! Otherwise, if you still need some more persuading, then have at them below. ;)

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