Music Monday!!

   My current playlist had finally gotten into a terrible rut.
   It's not that I'm sick of every song in it and I couldn't find any new ones, but it's the fact that I actually like my playlist at the moment that I've posted most of them already... Alright, maybe there were a few ones that I still haven't, and after trying to figure out which ones, I've come to a realization that there were a few Panama songs that I needed to share with you guys. This is to assume that I've finally updated my playlist during the weekend (this is a scheduled post), and by next week, I'll probably be bringing you fresh ones. So don't fret just yet. ;)
   And if you missed the last few Music Mondays that I was absent, I do apologize.
   I am here to make up for it now, however.
   Anyway, last June on my Summer Playlist, I was able to share with you Panama's "Always" EP. But last May, they've released a new single on Soundcloud, under their label's account, Future Classic. The song's called "Jungle" and it brings these euphoric yet completely chill vibes that'll make you want to cruise down into the city with this playing in the background - as if in a music video. You could definitely tell how in love I am with this, so much so that it makes me want to sing along: "There is our life, in the jungle of you heart..."  
   And true enough, it really is in the jungle of my heart - pun intended. ;)
   Below, I've included their singles from a few years ago, "It's Not Over" and "Stay Forever," which are definitely my favorites, too! I could only hope that they'll finally release a full length album. There are so many great things to expect from this band, other than making me want to transport back in the '80s. But meanwhile, let's enjoy these amazing tunes from them, and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! ;)

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