All is Fair... | PART II

   And here we go on the second part of my post, which could also serve as the second and third day of my weekend (Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20)!
   Now, if I've told you that that Friday night (from the first part of this post here), there were tons of people at SMX at Mall of Asia, well... This time, there was a vast sea of people! Mum and I got at SMX for the Best of Anime 2015 convention around 9AM, where I was going to help and work by distributing flyers for the Japanese school that's about to open up. We were both surprised to see the long lines waiting outside and inside, for the gates to open (it wasn't until 10AM that they did)! How crazy was that? I knew that this weekend was going to be chaotic considering how they had a three-day sale at Mall of Asia as well, and needless to say, I definitely think I was more than prepared for that.

Morning view from SMX
Not exactly too happy with the bunny ears, but I still want to spread peace and love. Lol

   I spent most of my day at the booth, doing my job and realizing how fun and exhausting it was. Though, the sight of all the cosplayers around was fun to watch, along with the booths - where I found one that sold Harry Potter fandom merchandise (I had my eyes on Salazar Slytherin's locket that Voldemort... I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named turned into a horcrux - #SlytherinPride lol). I kept hovering towards that booth the next day (Sunday, September 20) because that was when I finally had time to roam around and check the other booths out.
   Anyway, back to Saturday, I ended my shift around 4PM, instead of 8PM, because I had a choir practice at 5PM. So as I went out, I saw this booth that sold chokers and I saw one that had the Deathly Hallows pendant for only eighty bucks. Sure enough, you know what came next after that! I went out of the function room of Best Of Anime, wearing that on my neck already! Haha! Then as I went down, this is what I saw...

Hello sea of people... Apparently, there was more outside. ;P
   This was when I suddenly made an impulsive decision to enter the Book Fair, and roam around - since I didn't have much time the day before. I figured I wanted to see what I missed, and fortunately, I had an extra ticket from FullyBooked in my bag. Besides, I was tempted to when I was about to head out. Obviously, I had to pass by the gates and get a glimpse of what was inside. And apparently, I gave in to my impulse.
   But the thing was, because there so many people, I literally just went around, following the movement of the crowd! So of course, I snapped some photos while on the way, before I decided to head over to the FullyBooked branch there in Mall of Asia (they were on sale up to 50% off) to see whether they had some of the other stuff in my book list that I didn't find the day before. And basically, I was definitely looking for some of Melissa Dela Cruz's works.

   As I headed over Mall of Asia, passing by the department store, and finally to the FullyBooked branch, I then made my search yet again. I was determined to find Kelly Keaton's "Darkness Becomes Her" - because as you remember from yesterday's post, I was only able to find the second book. Also, I wanted to find the second book of Melissa Dela Cruz's "Witches of East End" along with her other works, "Vampires of Manhattan" and "The Ring and the Crown." 
   Now, I wasn't able to find the first two, but the latter... Yes! I did! And each of them only had one paperback copy left! It was an easy decision afterwards to finally buy them! They had a 20% discount, so yay for sales!! And yeah, I was a bit late when I got to choir practice (also because of traffic) but it was more than okay. I was definitely happy that I got a lot of goods from this year's experience than I did last year (remember when I couldn't find any of the books I had been looking for? Which by the way, I still haven't found Anna Godbersen's "The Lucky Ones" even until now)! 

The long line at FullyBooked MOA branch...
   The next day, I was at Best of Anime the entire duration of the event (if you happened to have been there, you probably saw me with bunny ears and all leather outfit). There were more people because it was a Sunday, and since I was pretty much satisfied with the goods I garnered from the days before - and why wouldn't I be, considering how I went a bit crazy? - I didn't go back to the Book Fair anymore. I was super exhausted by the end of the day, and was very grateful to have dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant down by Adriatico in Manila.
   Mum and I didn't get home until around twelve midnight.

A selfie with Dino Kilates, who was co-hosting the event
A selfie with Guile from Street Fighter. 
Zombie Snow White! I loooved this costume so much, it was genius yet amusing as well!
   I definitely had an amazing experience this year, even if it was draining and exhausting. I never knew I would enjoy such, and I learned so many things during my experience at the event, and also had so much fun at both! I am definitely happy with the goods I got from the Book Fair, and as promised, below I give you my book haul! 


   So this ends my two-part post! Thank you for tuning in and reading! I hope you guys had fun as much as I did - probably even more - and that my tips for the Book Fair would be helpful to you the next time or when you decide to visit next year! And if you happened to have been there and may or may not have seen me with those bunny ears while donning an all-leather outfit, then don't be afraid to say hi! Hopefully, we'll get to see each other at next year's 37th Manila International Book Fair! 
   Have a great last day of September, you guys! Make it count! ;)

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