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   My, my, my... How time had fly.
   Somehow, the last post of this that I did was last January, and I only ended with the month of December. Clearly, I still haven't able to post some of the photos from my Instagram account from the first half of the year! So now, that's exactly what I'm doing. This post has been way looong overdue, and I'm squeezing this in this month.
   Hope you all had a great half of the year thus far, and have a happy Fashion Friday!! ;)


  • Caption: "Fresh. #fakenails #faux"
  • Caption: "Breezy"

  • Caption: "Trying not to fall asleep whilst wrapped under my poncho blanket wrap... S'like I'm a burrito or something."

  • At the Art Fair... Transfixed over this painting called "Obeisance to Oberon" by Trek Valdizno


  • Performed a cover of Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition" with Paranoid City at SaGuijo Cafe

  • Tousled hair, it is...

  • Hung out with my friends at Baga Manila, and chose to wear this denim dress from my mother's closet. 

  • Caption: "Suddenly became the make-up artist for the afternoon, for their 1920's-inspired (or The Great Gatsby) themed party. And thank you to @paranoid_city for the shirt."

  • Caption: "#glam"


  • Caption: "#selfie #glam"

  • Caption: "'Walking on sunshine...' And with much urgency because of the scorching heat."

  • Caption: "Faux."

  • Caption: "Prepped hair..."


  • Caption: "Finally... #redhair"

Elevator Selfie. ;)

  • Caption: "I've been drinking... Iced tea."

  • While waiting to leave my friend's wedding reception...

  • *Insert kiss-mark and lipstick emojis here*


Caption: "My model last night, rockin' my signature dark smokey eyes." 

  • Caption: "Going back to my old look..."

  • Caption: "Today..." -- Trying to get used to gel liner.

  • Smokey eyes for day time...


  • Caption: "Missed my booo."

  • Dinner with some friends, whilst rocking a Mickey Mouse shirt. ;)


  • Caption: "#selfie"

  • #sotd, rocking my F21 lace-up platform booties.

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