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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mischief Managed.

  Hibernation lasted for a while…
  In fact, it ended a week ago, which made it last for a month. I know, I know. I crawled my way out at some point or another, but I jumped back in when I had the chance. Not because I didn't feel up to the task of being more social or ignoring the things I had to do, but it was all because of those books I was reading - which I happened to mention on my previous personal post that I shall do a specific post for that, so here you go. I'm not keeping you in the dark any longer.
  For a month and a half (since I began reading on the last week of July), I was so engrossed with reading the Harry Potter series. I know, you must be surprised and at the same time, you must think that I was simply re-reading them… Well, at least some of them. But you see, I never finished reading the whole series. I was only able to read the first, the third (since I had copies of both), and the sixth (which I borrowed from Dane's collection back when we were in sixth grade and that was the next film to be released). So for a while, it has been on my bucket list, considering how I have managed to watch all the films, and the series was such a great part of my childhood that I knew that someday I have to read all of them.
  So I finally did!
  And man… I always knew I missed some things in the films - especially after I read the Half-Blood Prince the first time years ago (which is definitely my top favorite), but I didn't know how great I've missed! It was like this huge and amazing epiphany that made my inner fangirl take deeper roots and build this great foundation that took me back to my childhood years. It was familiar yet groundbreaking all at the same time, taking me on a roller coaster ride into greater understanding, not only for the story but also for the characters. It was more than pleasant… It was exhilarating.
  I decided that after reading each book, I would watch the films. And after I finished reading Deathly Hallows, I was more than prepared to feel a major withdrawal from reading - which is exactly what I am feeling right now. Yet, I didn't feel as emotional - although, I must say that after Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, and my favorite character right from the very beginning (next to Draco Malfoy), Severus Snape died, I was heartbroken. But the blow from Dumbledore and Snape wasn't all too painful, since of course, I already knew this and mourned for them years ago. What I didn't expect however, was the blow from Sirius (which of course, I also already knew too), that I took a pause after Order of the Phoenix before starting Half-Blood Prince. Then of course, there was Dobby (I remember crying after watching the first part of the film of Deathly Hallows soon after it was released), Fred Weasley, and of course, Remus Lupin and Tonks, that was also heartbreaking.
  I knew that after Goblet of Fire that the series were starting to go through darker themes considering how Lord Voldemort… (*Gasps*) I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, had risen from being a lowly entity to having a proper human body, albeit snake-like features. But with this transition from being a children's book to tackling adult themes really made us feel that the characters were growing up and y'know, it was as if they were really alive. And true enough, even years later after it had all finished, the characters continue to live within us - probably because they all seem to be so human. Y'know, J.K. Rowling made them to be as perfectly flawed as possible (and not some incredibly perfect character that seems to be impossible to exist in real life), at the same time, letting them excel in their own abilities. I particularly loved how we got to see this sort of teenage angst from Harry in Order of the Phoenix, along with this youthful self-importance and indifference that we all somehow experience. We didn't get to see this side of Harry in the films, however, and somehow I was quite surprised to see how subdued his temperance was there. Though, I love Daniel Radcliffe, so it was definitely more than okay. I would've loved to see a bit of that played on the films, though.
And don't make me begin talking about how Hogwarts is the best place to be, and how thoroughly heartbroken I was when we saw that nearly half of it was destroyed during the battle. But I'm sure it's all fixed now by Headmistress McGonagall. ;P
Either way, it was awesome to remember why I loved Harry Potter in the first place - to be reminded of how greatly it was part of my childhood, and continues to be a part of my life. I don't think that there will be a series that'll be this attached to me ever. The roots go deep, so much so that I was very happy that I got sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore before it even launched (It was still in beta mode then. Yeah, I was one of the first hundred people along with my best friend, Dane ;P). And no, don't even begin to stereotype Slytherins, okay? Just because we're the house that's made a lot of Dark Wizards does not mean that everyone in our house is or will be one. Lol.
Now, tomorrow I'm going to the Manila International Book Fair, and as always, I'll probably see a lot of Harry Potter collections there. Until now, I still never had the complete set of books (which is still on my bucket list, by the way, and I only read them on ebooks), so it'll definitely be tempting to have them! I'll see whether I can finally get my hands on them, otherwise, I'll admiringly gaze at them at a close distance...

   So now that I've finished the series, well...
   Mischief managed. 

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