Music Monday!!

    I'm very happy to tell you guys that I finally managed to update my rotten playlist last week! Although, I was still able to keep a few songs from my previous one (such as Florence + The Machine's album, a few songs from Panama that I shared with you guys last week, Black English because they're still one of my favorites, Ex Hex, Slow Club, and songs from Partyfine Vol. 1 & 2), but then again, apparently they're not so few! I love them too much to simply disregard them, you see. So don't expect me to do so, even for the next few months.
   Anyway, I was also very happy when Shura released her new single, "White Light" last June. Yet, it wasn't until a month ago when I had the time to finally fully listen to it and managed to add it into my playlist, that I got addicted to it. I was repeatedly listening to it for a week - and no, I'm not joking! Her sound still gives the '80s vibes, and this somehow reminded me a bit of Janet Jackson in a way. It's not exactly all too surprising how much I was in love with this song, and not to mention, how much I love her!
   Oh Shura, when will you just release your debut album so I can continuously love you more? This is the second time I've featured her on Music Monday, and apparently, I am sure that I will continue to. So check out her new single below for the meantime...
   And maybe you'll love it as much as I do. ;)

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