Music Monday!!

   Definitely excited for this week's Music Monday, because like last week's, I'm going to feature one of my current favorites from my playlist! But then again, when have I ever posted anything that wasn't at least a favorite of mine, right? Apparently, none of us should be surprised (I now seem to realize that perhaps these features might seem a bit biased, but then again, this is my personal blog after all!), especially if you've been following for quite some time now. ;)
   Anyway, today I am featuring my favorite song from SoKo's current album, "My Dreams Dictate My Reality" that was released last March. SoKo (which is her stage name) is a French singer-songwriter and an actress from Bordeaux, France, and has released two albums already. And just in case you have seen the viral video on YouTube called "First Kiss," then you might've already heard her and seen her there as well, considering her song "We Might Be Dead Tomorrow" was used there. 
   So I came to have discovered her on Soundcloud a month ago, while I was browsing through for Music Monday. Burger Records posted her song, "Lovetrap" that also featured Ariel Pink, and it somehow piqued my interests. I mean, I have encountered her account on Soundcloud before, but I only ignored it - which was pretty idiotic of me, now that I recall. Either way, I hit the play button, and needless to say, the rest was history! I immediately loooved it, so much so that it was on repeat for about a week or so. That was when I knew then and there that I have to share it with you guys, so that's what I'm doing right now! Feel free to transport back to the '80s yet again, along with Shura! I assure you, with these tunes, it'll be essential. 
   And if you cannot seem to get enough of this, you can get SoKo's albums on iTunes. ;)

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