Music Monday!!

  I had a vague memory of featuring Matt & Kim for Music Monday... And as I checked, it came to me as a surprise that it was only their song "Let's Go" that was released from their third album, "Lightning" last 2012! And to think that this band is definitely one of my favorites!
   If you don't know them, they're and indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York. I remember hearing them for the first time on the third season of Gossip Girl (remember that scene when they were in the Hamptons, watching a polo match and Serena suddenly rode the horse?), and I immediately fell in love with their song "Don't Slow Down" because it matched perfectly with the scene. Needless to say, it became one of my fall favorites from my then-playlist that had a mix of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" as well.
   Yep, throwback to 2009, it is.
   And rightfully so, considering how it baffles me that I never got to share why they became one of my favorites in the first place! Now though, they've just released their latest album, "New Glow" last April. I however, only learned this last month, but you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to have them on my playlist again! I was even more ecstatic to hear the Matt & Kim that we know and all love with their new catchy material that had their signature flair with it!
   So below, as always, I've arranged my favorites in chronological order. I started listening to them from their second album though I'm also including some of my favorites from their first, until their very latest, so that's what I have in store for you! And if you happen to be as ecstatic or as in love as I am, then by all means, grab their albums on iTunes. ;)

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