Fashion Friday!! - Hair Curling Tutorial

  I know, I know.
  I'm a week late for this post, but that's because I had been too busy last week, and I couldn't find time to squeeze in editing the video until last Monday (which by the way, was the day that I made this post - hello scheduled posts from Blogger, lol). Nevertheless, I'm here now to deliver this tutorial to you guys!
   Now, this is the question I get asked most of the time - other than how I do my eyeliner, which you can watch here - and that is, how do I curl my hair? I'm definitely aware of how complicated it is, other than the fact that there is a chance that you might burn yourself in the process, so I finally decided, especially since I recently purchased a curling iron, to make this tutorial.
   As always, with much practice, you'll learn to get the hang of it. Even I thought it was a bit tricky at first, since I mostly used my flat iron to curl all this time, but after trying so, it became easier. I suggest that you should take some time to get into it first before you sport this kind of look on an important event. We don't want you to have a hair crisis right when you're in a rush to get ready!
   So below, I hope that this tutorial will help you how to curl your hair, and that you guys love this!
   Happy Fashion Friday!! ;)

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