Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   Thank God it's Friday!!
   And this is the first Fashion Friday for the month! I'm definitely excited because I have a few things in store for you (in which, if you happen to follow me on Snapchat - my username is "msdearlady," you would already know, lol)! But first, I've got a few outfit posts for this week and the next, considering how I left this particular part from my personal post (click here and here) of my experience at the Book Fair a few weeks ago.
   Anyway, so for the first day of my weekend (last September 19) working at the booth at Best of Anime, I figured that I can simply wear whatever I wanted to wear. Cosplayers lurked everywhere, in fact, it was their little haven, and I knew I had the freedom to wear what I always wanted to - no matter how amplified it was, nobody would care! So I decided to wear my leather pants (or leggings, whatever), my favorite white v-neck, men's shirt, both from Forever 21, under a maroon coat from Stradivarius that I borrowed from my mother's closet. I then finished it off with a pair of my lace-up, platform boots - that somehow reminded me of what the band Kiss used to wear, lol - and my signature smokey eyes.

Snapped a quick selfie, and a dude behind me was trying to see the program. lol
   The bunny ears was my mother's idea. Nope, I wasn't exactly all too ecstatic about that. ;P
   So yeah, if I had to choose what I usually wear, it would be this particular outfit. It was a bit amusing though, how I think some of the people there thought that I was dressed like a cosplayer, when really, this was just a pretty normal choice from me. It was fun because nobody I knew (particularly my mother) asked or told me to dress it down, so that was definitely awesome. But then, what I love about this is that I can both dress it down by removing the coat to show the simple white t-shirt, and dress it up by wearing the coat!
   It's a pretty versatile outfit especially when the weather changes ever so frequently...

   Next week, I'll show you what I wore at the second-day of the event! Remember, I donned an all leather outfit? Yeah, well... I guess that wouldn't be surprising. Either way, I do hope you tune in and I hope you guys had a great day today!!

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