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Amidst the chaos...
   And here we are on the second part of my outfit post!
   How's your Friday going so far? Mine's been rather slow, but I hope the pace will pick up tonight.
   Anyway, so I did mention on my previous post that I actually donned an all-leather outfit on the second day of Best of Anime. Unfortunately, however, I still had to put those bunny ears on - despite it. I had no other choice (thanks mum!), but either way, I did enjoy the fact that I was finally able to wear this Forever 21 leather dress - considering how I've only worn it twice before that day, and got a decent photo in it! I paired it with the same platform booties, also from Forever 21, from the day before since the lace-up gives it a more rugged look. Then, I wore some gray tights that I borrowed from my mother's closet because I figured that not only the function rooms are cold, but the dress seems a bit short - at least for my taste. On top of that, I've got my leather jacket on (which I forgot to include in my outfit photo, since that time, it already got quite warm in the room) just to control my body temperature. Of course, I didn't want to be too cold. ;P

From Paige's Instagram...
   Of course, I still opted for some smokey eyes, but this time, I had the WWE Diva Paige's makeup as inspiration. I decided to try and do blue smokey eyes, and I think that it really went well! Usually, I would never try and go for any eye shadow other than neutral warm tones or black. But that day, I was feeling a bit more adventurous with my makeup - just to try something new. So I did!

   So thanks guys for tuning into my two-part post! Next week, I've got a tutorial in store for you, so do come back! I hope you guys are having a great Friday, and I'll see you soon! ;)

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