Music Monday!!

  I've had another exhausting weekend - even now, I'm still exhausted!
  But of course, this does not stop me from posting today's Music Monday!! especially when I've specifically saved it for The Ting Ting's latest album, "Super Critical" that was released last August 2014. It took me a while to remember that they had a new album out after Dane told me this many months ago, considering how I was enjoying my previous playlist. Now though, a few months ago, I suddenly remembered, and so I got it... And man, I didn't know how much I actually missed!
   I remember back in 2008 when my sister let me hear their first single, "Great DJ." She suddenly discovered them and she immediately told me about it, which wasn't a surprise, that I ended up actually loving it! It went down to become one of my all-time favorites, and there is no exception that whenever I hear it somewhere, I always have to sing along! I guess it isn't a surprise too, if I tell you that since then, I've always been a fan of them!
   And I don't know why I haven't featured them on Music Monday at all!
   So here I am, compiling another playlist that lets me show you guys what my favorites are from their first album up to the very latest! I'm definitely delivering a rather funky Monday for you guys, for good vibes of course! Hopefully you'll love them as much as I do...
   Maybe even more. ;)

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