Music Monday!!

   Already on the second week of October...
   Whuuut? I thought the month only just started!
   Now however, if last week, I gave you songs from the Ting Tings that definitely had funky good vibes, this week, I'm about to hand you ones that are going give you so many feels. You see, a few months ago, whilst I was updating my then-rotting playlist, I was on Soundcloud preparing for Music Monday!! That was until I stumbled upon Gallant's song, "Weight In Gold." 
   Gallant is a Los Angeles based R&B artist that definitely delivers songs that'll hit you in the feels. He wants his live shows to be some sort of meditation, "an emotional apex," as he said that he wants us all to feel during the experience and that he incorporates well with his songs. And needless to say, I was immediately in love with them! They reminded me of how much I actually loved R&B back when I was young, and that was truly a wonderful note. Now however, he's working on his debut album - which I hope will be released soon - and only left us with his new singles, along with a cover of Foo Fighters' "Learn to Fly" called, "Open Up." 
   So below, I've compiled my favorites for your listening reference. I hope you love them as much as I do, and as always, you can get Gallant's songs on iTunes. ;)

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