Music Monday!!

   I'm back, and so is today's Music Monday!!
   Apologies for my absence, but I'm afraid I'd been too busy these past couple of weeks that somehow, it slipped my mind to make a scheduled post! I know, I know. I suck about that, but nevertheless, I'm here to make it up to you now. 
   So I did mention to you several times already how much of a Marz Leon fan I am. Ever since she released her debut single, "L O N E R" I've featured her for Music Monday. And so now, that's exactly what I'm doing again! She just released her new single last August called, "HRTBAQ" and it's got her signature chill yet haunting vibes that we all love. You could only imagine how ecstatic I was to hear something new from her, and again, I cannot wait for her to finally release her debut album! 
   When exactly?
   I don't know yet, but hopefully soon! Meanwhile, let's enjoy the feelz of wanting our hearts back. ;)

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