Music Monday!!

    I know, I know... I've been gone for two weeks! As much as I wanted to keep my blog up to date - and trust me, I seriously do - I'm afraid life has continued to intervene! I've been very busy lately, and I'll tell you why soon once I write a personal post. But for now, since I've returned (and since this is a scheduled post), I'm here to dish a few songs for today's Music Monday!!
   For a couple of weeks last October, I was watching an episode of Undateable (Chris D'Elia is in it, so obviously, I would watch and love it!), and I encountered Saint Motel, since they were the guest performer there. That was when I immediately knew that I had to have their EP "My Type." I loved how there was a funk, 70s vibe that came along with their songs, and not only are they catchy, but they also make you feel good! They're definitely a pick-me-upper if you are having a stressful day - trust me on that. 
   My favorites definitely have to be "Cold Cold Man" and "My Type." But then again, I've repeatedly listened to their whole EP for weeks that they obviously ended up on my current playlist! So yes, I do hope that you guys love them as much as I do - maybe even more! And if you happen to wonder where to get their awesome EP, then head on over to iTunes now! ;) 
   Happy Music Monday, lovelies! ;)

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