Music Monday!!

   Another Monday, and it's already the second week of November!
   My, my... How time flies.
   But apparently, Music Mondays must go on! So for today's post, I decided to finally feature Gin Wigmore. She's a singer-songwriter from New Zealand and ever since she released her second album, "Gravel & Wine" last 2011, I've immediately became a fan of her. I don't know why it took me a while to feature her, but I do remember hearing her single from that album called, "Black Sheep" from the show Revenge, and that was when I fell in love with the folk, blues-y kind of vibe with a hint of darkness, that spoke volumes to me and basically matched the mood perfectly well that I felt that day. So there was no surprise whatsoever that when she released her third album just last June, "Blood to Bone," I was more than ecstatic considering how I needed some raw emotion on my current playlist!
    Below, I've compiled my favorites from her previous and latest albums. Do prepare to feel such emotion from these in which I hope you guys will love as much as I do! And if you happen to wonder where to get her albums, then where else than iTunes, right?
   So have at it, and have a happy Music Monday!!

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