Bonne Année! 2016: Year Ender

   I think that after my previous posts, it's finally time for my last one for the year!
   I must say that the conclusion to the year has been very fast. It all became a big blur - as it always happen during the holidays, which is clearly not a surprise after all. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my time off, and I'm very proud to tell you that I have been very social, so much so that I'm currently sporting some sniffles and a sinus headache from all the hubbub and the exhaustion of it all.
   But of course, the holiday spirit must live on!
   As always during this time, I must reflect on what has happened to my life this year, and I have to say that it was one filled with surprises. I told you from my previous post that I remember how when this year came, I have made a decision to embrace change - to push for breakthroughs and prepare my mindset onto doing just that. And so, that was what I did. I said that no matter how small of a step it was, it was still a step forward, and I am very much glad to do so. In fact, I'm even proud of myself considering how I had lived in my own little bubble for these past few years, too scared to come out of my shell with the thought that the world was coming to bite me back in the ass. And of course, it is only human nature to be afraid of the unknown, and so at times, I still freak out about the little things - which I don't think that that will ever change about me, since I am an over-thinker after all.
   With all that said, however, I couldn't be any more grateful for the opportunities this year to grow and improve, and all the blessings I've received without as much as expecting them! It was definitely one hell of a ride, and I enjoyed it thoroughly well. I've learned more about myself and have improved for the better. I'm also very grateful for all the memories and the adventures I've endured this year, especially by making them with my friends and my dearest family, who have definitely made it all the more interesting and riveting. Without them, it would've been utterly dull, no matter how much I've withdrawn into social hibernation most of the time - they always know how to pull me out.
   So lastly, I want to thank God for blessing me with so much more than I can ever imagined. It is true that His timing is perfect, and perhaps - admittedly - at times, I do become rather impatient. This year however, He and I both knew that I was more than ready for all the things that I've reflected upon, and have pushed and yearned for these past few years, that it was only a matter of time when it finally came to life. And so when it did, I realized just that and the fact that it was either I could consider how timing can be such a bitch at times, or the other way around. Clearly, I chose the other way around, because I knew before how much I wasn't ready, how much I was rushing too much. And frankly, I'm glad that no matter how people pushed me to make such a rash decision, that I did not yield. I stuck to my own time and my own space, and rightfully so. Thank God.
   In a week, my blog anniversary's coming up yet again! Four years into this whole blogging thing, and somehow, I still never get tired of it! I hope my ramblings do not tire you too, that somehow my insights only makes you wonder the same as it makes me (hello social anxiety, hello from the other side, lol), or makes you realize some points that you've never realized before. Also, as always, I want to thank my TVD Fan Fiction readers who have supported me throughout all these four years as well! I've got more in store for you in the upcoming chapters, just please be patient with me and my writing habits nowadays. ;P
   Anyway, another fruitful year has passed yet again. I definitely look forward to more fun and adventures this 2016! But for now, I have to spend time with my family, and so I want to leave you all by wishing everyone a very wonderful and joyous New Year filled with love, happiness, the best, and more blessings!

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