Music Monday!!

   Well, my current playlist is rotting, which was probably why I've disappeared yet again last week - other than the fact that I had been rather busy (taking a break from life in general, by going M.I.A.). Yet, here I am again to deliver to you, considering how I detest the fact that I've been more absent lately.
   So I was watching the seventh season of The Vampire Diaries a few months ago, and heard this song, "The Other Man" from the second episode (titled as "Never Let Me Go"), during that scene with Alaric Saltzman on it. Immediately, when I heard Jimi Charles Moody's lush baritone, I knew then and there that I must find out what song it was and who sang it! The general feel of the song was also what I was drawn to, so that was until I finally found out and as always, fell in love with it!
   Generally, there isn't much about Jimi Charles Moody out there yet, other than the fact that he's a English artist, and the fact that he just released his EP, "Islington." And needless to say, the whole EP is also on Soundcloud, and here I am, sharing them with you! If you couldn't get enough however - especially when you're kind of into the whole "cold holidays," you can always get it on iTunes!
   Have a happy Music Monday, and I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do... Maybe even more. ;)

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