Fashion Friday!! - HAIRVOLUTION (2nd Edition)

   The first Fashion Friday for this year!!
   Apparently, however, this post has been way long overdue! I was supposed to post this months ago, but clearly, I haven't had enough time on my hands to actually work on this! And good God, you've missed so much already, I couldn't possibly delay this any longer! It wouldn't be fair, to you or to me.
   Now, the first part of my VLOG was filmed around September (If you missed my first HAIRVOLUTION post back in May, click here ;P). I think it was a few weeks after I've filmed for the Hair Curling tutorial. I wanted to bleach shampoo my hair just so when I get my haircut, my hair is prepped to go back to red. Some of the videos were actually from my Snapchat (add me @msdearlady) account, since I did the bleach shampoo-ing live there. So then, the week after that, I finally got my haircut - as I've already mentioned several times on both of the videos. I was bored with my long hair, and so I knew that I wanted a fresher look. My inspiration for my hair was Kim Kardashian's short hair - y'know, when she had gone platinum blonde. I really loved the texture, and I really loved the color too, (though, I would never be brave enough to lighten my hair that drastically) despite the fact that some thought she looked like Draco Malfoy, lol.

The moment I stepped out of the salon after I got it chopped off. 
   Anyway, after my haircut, I found myself accompanying my mother to the salon a few days after, and she was getting her hair rebonded. That was when I finally decided to dye my hair. Unfortunately however, the salon did not have that ginger red hair I wanted, and they only had this golden copper blonde color, in which I ended up choosing instead. I thought that if I was going back to red, this'd be a good base color. And it was! I waited a month before I finally decided to go back to red, and this time, I did it by myself. Somehow, I was disappointed at the salon we went to, because they weren't able to even out my dark roots properly, considering I could still see the parts where they were used to be dark. And hell, I'm too OC for that kind of shit, so I couldn't wait for more than a month tops!
   I was more than happy with the results though, because true enough the golden copper color blended well with the red shade I wanted, which gave off this vibrant red color that definitely reminded me of my hair inspiration - Taylor Tomasi Hill! I used the same dye that I used the last time, which was Revlon's Colorsilk Luminista in 150 Red. The photo I used for the banner above is the shade of my hair a few days after I dyed it! Wasn't it glorious? But obviously, since the red fades only after three weeks, I suddenly missed having that vibrant shade back on my crowning glory... Perhaps in a few months, I'll get it back considering how I'm planning to get a trim since my hair is growing out now.
   Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching and for reading! I seriously cannot wait to come up with a bunch of content for you guys this year, and I hope that I'll have enough time to get them all together!
   Have a happy Fashion Friday!! ;)

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