Music Monday!!

   The first for 2016! How crazy is that?
   So how was your holiday? I hope you guys had an amazing time, because I certainly did! Now, I know that some of you are dreading the fact that this is the first Monday of the year (I know I am!), considering how classes and work start yet again, but I'm here to deliver some good vibes to pump up your day!
   I was definitely excited when Deap Vally released their new single, "Royal Jelly" for their new album that's about to come out this February. If you guys remember, I did feature them for Music Monday a few years ago, back in March 2013. But apparently, I didn't exactly expound on them as to have introduced them to you better.
   Deap Vally is a rock and roll female duo from Los Angeles, California. Both of them, Lindsey and Julie, met at a crochet class, and I guess the rest of that was history! They released their debut album, "Sistrionix" last 2013, in which I was definitely in love with! I think that they're so amazing, and I'm definitely all for girl power! So yes, if you want to feel like a badass on such a dreary day, I suggest that you have a good listen at it below, and probably watch the live version too - see how awesome they are for yourself!
    If you want more from Deap Vally, then go ahead and get their songs on iTunes before they release their sophomore LP! ;)

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