Music Monday!!

   As I was about to look at my current playlist - which seems to be rotting ever so slowly at the moment - I realized one fatal flaw in my posts. I forgot to feature one band that I have fallen in love with a few months ago before the year even ended. How crazy was that? But anyway, as always, I'm here now to make up for it.
   So a few months ago, I found myself on Youtube. I think I was searching for songs or whatever, and I saw on the recommended section this band, Cigarettes After Sex. Apparently, there was something so intriguing about their name, and along with their feather album art - the other was the more artistic yet intimate looking one - that my curiosity got the best of me and decided to click it. I think it was the song called "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You, Baby" and afterwards, I was immediately hooked. I knew then and there that I had to get their EP, "I." and their new single, "Affection" which definitely became one of my all-time favorites!
   I just love their vibe - romantic, ambient, and filled with raw emotions. There is something rather affectionate in their songs, which I definitely love. It's as if they're so perfect when you're in this down time by yourself, and these songs are the emotions that you want to express in such a vulnerable state. It's definitely something that you'd want to listen to at ungodly hours of the night when you just couldn't sleep, and you stare into the darkness of the night.
   So have at it below, and get their EP on Bandcamp or iTunes!
   Let this New York band's songs engulf you and have a happy Music Monday!!

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