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Monday, February 29, 2016

A Moment...

   It's incredibly amusing how at times I just get these gushes of happiness. I realize that sometimes it just becomes so easy to drown in all the negativity or problems, that we forget all the things that we actually should be grateful for. It's a shame, really, I do admit, especially recently when I have been so stressed out and so frustrated about everything and anything in general. But to be honest, I still consider myself fortunate, despite all the shitty things that's happening, as everyone should. Though, of course, I really shouldn't be the one to tell you all of this, considering how I'm not exactly a good example in that department.
   The thing is, sometimes I forget how happy I really am. Sure, there are a few bumps along the way, which is definitely normal since nothing is ever perfect. But if anything, my life is actually pretty okay. I may still feel incredibly lost, but I'm just really happy to know that I've got all these people that I know I can count on and just support me in everything I would do. It's also nice to know that I somehow no longer feel quite alone - in the aspect of feeling rather lonely and walking the road of life by myself where I'm scared shitless. It's what I've actually needed for these past few years, you know? That "push" that could motivate me yet again and make me no longer ponder so much about my doubts and my fears.
   For someone to have faith in me, to believe in me.
   So yes, I just wanted to share this piece of my sudden realization. I know that so many things could go wrong - and trust me, I'll still be able to ponder about them, but perhaps leaving this here could be helpful in the future, when I'm feeling down in the dumps again.
   Now though, I could only hope this ray of optimism stays for a while...

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