Fashion Friday!! - Modern '90s Glam

   So last week, I've finally managed to allot some of my time to get to hang out with my G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend, lol), Johnrey. In the process however, he did ask me before if I could be his model for this sort of commercial video thing for his make-up business that he's finally taking the venture on. That was when we suddenly decided to film this that night, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!
   Before doing this however, I showed him pictures of Madchen Amick during the '90s. Somehow, I am really loving that era lately. I mean, I already do, but now I find myself loving it even more - kind of to spruce up my style a little bit, since after all, I'd want to evolve and experiment more. So we came up with Madchen's neutral makeup as an inspiration. But during the filming, I thought that it needed something that's a little bit more me in a way, so Johnrey blended in some black smokey eye with the neutral caramel shade underneath. In effect, it became a more subtle and soft, yet still with a bit of grunge-y glamour afterwards, along with a dark lip.
   That's when we came up with the "Modern '90s Glam." ;)

Madchen Amick in the 90s.
   I want to thank Johnrey for letting me be a part of his video project. I really am honored to have been your model, and I had so much fun! I also included our behind-the-scenes videos from my Snapchat account (follow me: @msdearlady) that he mixed together.
   So yes, if you're around Manila and you are in need of some H&M (Hair & Makeup) or Glam Services, you can hire Johnrey by following his social media accounts (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) and dropping him a message @JohnreySlife. You can also find him on Facebook, Johnrey Almonte.

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