Fashion Friday!! - OUTFIT

   It's been a while since I've done an outfit post. Apparently, I haven't gotten the time to actually take photos of my outfits - or as more appropriately put, I don't have anyone who could take decent pictures of me, lol. So yeah, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to ask someone to do it for me, considering how I was definitely feeling the vibes of my outfit.
   Do take note, that I was at work and was at the office.

   It's not like I have a uniform. In fact, I could wear whatever I want as long as it's work appropriate. So since it was a Saturday then, I decided to put on this midi dress, along with this long cardigan that was my Christmas gift to my mum, and these lace-up boots, all from Forever 21. I know, I didn't exactly realize that I was donning an all Forever 21 outfit until I was sitting on the couch and was asked by the student where I get my clothes from, lol. I also decided to sport dark lips (I used "010 Walnut Grove" from Catrice Cosmetics) to match the mood of my outfit.
   The thing is, whenever I wear this long cardigan it somehow makes me feel like a Jedi. It's definitely awesome, and it's amazing how a simple piece such as that could drastically change an outfit. Apparently, I simply had to take a photo. ;)

   So yes, I hope you guys are having a great Fashion Friday!! And if you guys are actually reluctant to wear something as dramatic as this - which was what I first thought of, when I bought the piece as a gift - well, I suggest you no longer hesitate. It's never too late to feel like you're in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or like a Jedi - embrace your awesome self, and let it shine through. Lol.
   TGIF, it is! ;)

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