Music Monday!!

   As always, January passed by like a big blur. Can you believe that it's already February? I certainly can't! Either way, as for my absence last week, I figured that I should make up for it this week. And so, here I am!
   So during the holidays, I was catching up on shows that I weren't able to watch. One of those shows was The Royals, and while I was catching up on that, of course, I heard this song from Only Real that I immediately fell in love with. It was during the seventh episode of the second season, when Liam sees Eleanor and noticed a young picture of their mother, Helena. Now, I clearly had to find it because I simply had to know. That was when I discovered that the song was called, "When This Begins." 
   Niall Galvin, or also known as Only Real, is a singer-songwriter from West London. He released his debut album "Jerk At The End of The Line," last March 2015, and I seriously don't understand why I only discovered him now. But I do have to say that once I did get my hands on his album, I was hooked for weeks! My other favorite was definitely "Jerk." There is just something about how he slurs and half-sings his songs and how incredibly catchy they are, that I just couldn't get enough of. And apparently, they've managed to continue to spruce up my slowly rotting current-playlist!
   So have at it below and enjoy! You can get your hands on his album on iTunes, and I hope that you'll get to love it as much as I do!

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