Music Monday!!

  Post-Valentine's Day, I've decided to make up for my absence by dropping a sweet song to soothe your rather stressful Monday. ;)
   So apparently, the French band HER finally released their EP, called "Her Tape #1" on vinyl and on iTunes last month. If you guys remember, I've managed to feature this duo last year, and I told you how I was incredibly in love with them! Clearly, this time is not an exception! When I heard "Union," this incredibly chill and romantic song about how they want to spend their entire lives with the one they love, and basically serenading them as he continued to profess his love - indicating that with the kind of true love they have, there is such thing as "forever," lol - I was more than in love! I found it incredibly touching and even romantic, that my heartstrings only continued to be tugged. I couldn't stop listening to this for weeks! And if you are following me on Snapchat, you would've seen me jamming along to this song while Johnrey and I were making the makeup video. ;)
   So yes, if you are still in a Valentine's Day hangover - or not, whatever (don't worry, I don't celebrate it either, lol) - perhaps you'd like to put this on your playlist, and play it over and over again to dedicate it to the people you love or significant other. While you're at it, might as well get their EP from iTunes too!
   Happy Music Monday!! ;)

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