Music Monday!!

   Another Monday!!
   So last week, I've mentioned how I was so in love with Her's "Union" that I was listening to it on repeat for weeks! Apparently, what I did not tell you was the other song that I kept listening to as well.
   I remember Wolf Alice sending me a Direct Message on Twitter when I followed them last November, telling me to subscribe to their newsletter. So I did, and I think it was a week afterwards that they sent me another message, sending their B-Side to their song, "You're A Germ" via e-mail. It's called, "Baby Ain't Made of China" and you guys might have already heard it when Johnrey and I used it for our makeup video. The very reason why I decided to have that as our background music, was because I had been listening to it non-stop after I updated my playlist last month.
   I was simply too in love with it. The feelz of the song - especially during the chorus when Ellie sang, "Oh love me, make me better, and wash those tears away" - I wanted to sing my heart out to it. There's something rather tragic about how one feels the need or the desperation to be loved, and clearly with this, Wolf Alice delivers such emotion the best.
   So yes, have at it below and enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride.
   You can get their debut album, "My Love Is Cool" out now on iTunes.

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