Fashion Friday!! - BTS Smokey Eyes Tutorial (Snapchat)

   As promised, here is the compiled video of my live Snapchat smokey eyes makeup tutorial that I did before filming the "What's In My Bag?" tag! It was totally random that I suddenly decided to have this on my story, but yeah, basically that's what I do on my Snapchat account, other than doing live impromptu reviews of makeup products that I buy. If you guys are following me over there (UN: msdearlady), you guys would've seen my stories for the past few days where the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks I ordered finally arrived, and I immediately made a review, lol!
   So yes, do follow me over there for more updates and for sneak peeks of what I might have over for  upcoming Fashion Friday posts! I also hope you guys love this, and I wish you guys all a very happy Friday! ;)

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