So my palette is nearly half empty now, and I was supposed to write this review around September last year. But like I've said on my video for my What's In My Bag? post, I completely forgot about it until now! I know, I suck for that. But anyway, I figured that I should actually write one before mine runs out.
   Last year, I was on my Instagram feed when I saw that several shops are selling these for a very affordable price. I was very curious and I definitely wanted to try it, but I wasn't actually one who would simply buy online without actually testing it first. So it wasn't until I went to The Penhouse, a shop located here in the South that hosted several Instagram shops, including Beauty And Body Balm - another shop that sold City Colour products - that I finally decided to purchase City Colour Contour Effects!

"Achieve an ultra defined and sculpted look with Contour Effects palette. True matte contour and bronzer shades work with all skin tones and blend to a seamless shadow. Add a glowing radiance and lift your cheekbones with the shimmer highlight. This velvety smooth formula is a pressed fine powder that allows for light application with serious color payoff. A beauty-blogger favorite, the Contour Effects palette is perfect for both beginners and professionals, and is ideal for all skin types. Includes an easy-to-follow instruction guide."


   I definitely loved the rather slim and sleek packaging. It's simple, yes, but I love how I could just fit it in my bag without any fuss considering it isn't bulky. Once you open it, you'll be able to see the three shades, first is a cool dark brown shade for the contour, second is a lighter yet warmer shade for the bronzer, and a white translucent color for the highlighter. For a powder formula, I was definitely surprised at how buttery and strong the pigmentation was. I love how it easily glides onto my skin and could be blended well, along with how easily I could just build up the product if I wanted a more lasting effect. Though, I do have to say that I have been wearing this everyday since I got it, and it lasts on my face for twelve hours. But you could still see how it slightly fades over time, depending on exposure and your skin type.
   Other than that of course, I definitely love the fact that it came with a set of instructions once you lift the lid. After all, contouring can get quite tricky unless one knows how to identify their own bone structure et al. So if you happen to want to get your hands on a contour palette, but have no idea how to, I'd definitely recommend this product, considering how totally affordable it is too, of course!


L-R: Contour, Bronze, Highlight


  • Overall packaging is sleek and elegant; not bulky
  • The colors are very pigmented 
  • Easily glides on skin
  • Could easily build up the product
  • Long-lasting (depending on skin type)
  • Light-weight; perfect for everyday use
  • Comes with an instruction guide
  • Affordable
  • Slightly fades over time but manageable
  • YES

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